Term Life Quote Engine

"There is a clear trend toward comparison shopping on the Internet."

Ara Tembly - National Underwriter

The life section of your website contains a wealth of information regarding Life Insurance in general, as well as specific information on product categories such as Permanent and Term. Included, is a Term Life Quote Engine providing your clients with the ability to obtain pricing and qualification requirements.

Prospective clients can get instant Term Life Quotes by simply answering a few questions. They can compare rates (Preferred Plus through Standard), companies, review the underwriting guidelines, pick a product that best suites their needs and complete an online application request form.

Our Term Life Quote Engine contains 20 of the most widely recognized companies in the industry. You have the ability to choose which of these companies you want to quote on your site.

Step 1

Your prospective customer enters the bare minimum of information required to provide a quote...

Step 2

Your client is shown a matrix listing the top 10 companies based on price, that can meet their needs. Company, policy, rates from Preferred Plus through Standard, and Company ratings are shown.

Step 3

Your client proceeds to an Application Request Form, containing fields for all of the information you need to submit the application for underwriting.