Our History was founded in 1999. Initial product development took place during the next 18 months, with the original AgentQuote product being test marketed early in 2001. Based on customer feedback the product went through a significant enhancement phase during the remainder of 2001, being released full scale at the beginning of 2002.

2002 was a successful year for AgentQuote resulting in a solid base of satisfied customers who continue to provide suggestions for fine-tuning the product, resulting in what AgentQuote customers today describe as clearly the best product in its class.

Version 2 of AgentQuote was delivered in February of 2003. Where previously AgentQuote site owners could customize 70% of their web site, Version 2 enabled site owners to customize literally 100%. Perhaps even more significant, site owners were provided with the capability to develop custom product modules (major web site sections), allowing them to emphasize important product areas - no matter what the area.