Domain Names

If you do not have a Domain Name, simplifies the process for you. All you need to do is choose a name that meets your needs, verify its availability. We are a Tucows reseller and can secure the domain name for you, the cost is only $20/year.

A Note on Selection...

Choose the unique name that will identify you to the world. There are several schools of thought on this; (or a close variation) or a keyword focused name (such as top the list.

Search engines do look at the words in a domain name, so a keyword focused domain name will rank higher (all things equal - which, of course, they never are). Therefore, some experts recommend using your main keyword to create your site's domain name.

On the other hand, you are probably trying to create brand identity as well, and using your firm name will further that effort. Plus, if people know your firm name, but not your web address, they will take a guess at as a first try at finding your site.

Our recommendation is to use your firm name, especially if it includes some hint as to your firm's purpose.